Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Jan. 2014
We have done so much since the last post. Jan. was an awesome trip to Jacksonville with the whole family. The Smith Family, the Jean family, the little Nowak's, Elaine & Sam, and Deb & Nick. We had a blast in Jacksonville then board a Carnival Cruise to the Bahamas and Key West. Harley and Raelyn were such good travelers. We swam with the dolphins, we went to the alligator farm in St. Augustine. Harley is in Kindergarten at Quest Academy and doing well. Raelyn was still learning at home.
Karla and Chris doing great in Jacksonville. Chris is boarding ships and keeping US safe. Karla going to school for Vet Tec and doing awesome.
April 2014
Elaine turn's 50! So we planed a sister's trip to New York. Rhonda moved to Springfield, MO last Sept. so it was hard for her to get away. So it was Elaine and I and cousin Eva. We had so much fun. My first travel alone and it had to be NY. I did pretty darn good. Wish we had more time, there is so much to do. I saw everything I wanted but I would have like to spend more time where we went.
May 2014
The Smith family was looking for house the beginning of the month. by the end of the month they found their house. Casey loves her house and its on a Cul de sac. The girls already made neighbor hood friends. Casey the decorator made her house a home in no time. The Nowak's were looking for a new car and to retire the truck. Chris ordered a Mini Cooper and was going to receive it in July.
July 2014
Brandon Roe is getting Married!! A trip to Boston with our friends the Homeyer's and the Roe's.
We had extra time to tour Boston before and after the wedding. What a beautiful place and so much history. We then flew to Jacksonville to visit the little Nowak's. Chris just received his Mini Cooper two days before. Road trip to Coco Beach, Cape Canaveral, and Orlando. We  went to the beach and the water was so warm. We went to the space center, where their was so much history their too. Sea world in Orlando.
By now Harley finished kindergarten and started her summer vacation, she just turned 6 years old. Steve just had surgery. Hernia repair and recovering slowly. Took a month off of work but traveled. Karla has finished school and got her certificate. Casey is settled in her new home. Chris has is new baby mini coop, his dad helped him customized it a little more.
Labor day weekend at the beach. A trip to Manhattan Beach, CA with our besties the Homeyer's and the Roe's. We laughed and drank a lot. We went to the LA county fair. Hermosa beach street fair and just did one day at the beach We all actually got in and played in the waves. Harley started first grade and has lost 3 teeth over the summer. She is growing up. Raelyn is starting pre-school and turning 4 this month.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

End of Summer update

           Wow! So much has happened this summer. Where to start, Memorial Day weekend was spent at the cabin with the Smith family. Ate, drank, jacuzzi, and ATV. It was a beautiful weekend we visited and barbecued with the homeyer's and the Roe's. Of course Tami and Jeff did the cooking again.
          Last update, I told everyone Chris was going to A school. Well, Chris graduated July 2 from Maritime Enforcement A school with the Coast Guard. Steve and I went to Charleston, SC with Aunt Sharon to see Chris Graduate. We were able to pin Chris' lapel at the graduation ceremony. Chris received the Top Gun Award in his class. He also took second in his class in academic achievement, but Chris said if your not first, your last..... He is still first in mom's book. We were in SC for 5 days with Chris and went at the hottest time of the year. Yuk!!  Chris then went back to Guam for 10 days to orchestrate their move to Jacksonville, FL. his new unit.
          Chris and Karla were home from July 15 - August 8,   They have two dogs who traveled from Guam. The dogs did really good. Sarge stayed at our house with Mitzi and Ele stayed with Karla's parents.  It was good to have all the kids together. Casey took the summer off from school to spend time with family. First weekend home, barbecue at our house with friends and family, everyone together had a good time. We then learned how to shoot guns with proper instruction and coaching by Chris. Casey was awesome with her gun. Second weekend, Chris and Karla went to Monterrey to visit Aunt Elaine. They attended the garlic festival and the Moto GP races at Laguna SECA.   Final weekend, Chris' friend Joe came up from San Diego, Joe was stationed with Chris in Guam.  The boys did the town and Karla visited with her family. Joe wanted to jump off the Stratosphere tower building while he was here, so with no other takers I jumped off with him (Yea that's right, 885 ft ). The whole family was there to support us. Harley said she saw Nana fly. Raelyn had her baby flying in the car like her Nana.
        Harley just had her 4th birthday party on Aug. 13th.  Jessie from Toy Story (her idol) attended her party. Today Aug. 15th is her birthday, can't believe she is four already. Sept. 4th she will start preschool. Raelyn will be two next month, she has become a Nana's girl too. Raelyn is our dare devil, she is not afraid of anything which makes us afraid!!!
       Chris and Karla traveled from Las Vegas to Jacksonville, Florida in 5 days by car and with their two dogs. They had a safe journey, beside the windshield being cracked by a rock. They were limited on site seeing with having the dogs. Chris and Karla did find a house to rent in Jacksonville. It will be empty for 3 more weeks until their stuff arrives from Guam.
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Thursday, April 19, 2012

April 2012

    Just got back from our Caribbean Vacation with friends and family. 13 of us met on the Royal Caribbean in Galveston for a 7 day cruise.  Our ports were Roatan, Belize, and Cozumel. Steve and I, Elaine and Sam(family), Jeff and Tammi (close friends), Gunter (Jeff's grandgather), James and Lisa (close friends), Amy and John (Lisa's sister and husband), Janie and Sandy (Lisa's moms)  I already made a vacation book, pictures posted.
  Chris starts A school next week in Charleston, SC. for 12 weeks. A little closer to home at least. Karla will stay in Guam until he finishes school.
  Harley is still swimming, maybe future Olympics. Raelyn started swimming too. The Girls are growing up so fast. new pictures up too.
   Next trip will be to SC to see Chris graduate from school in July. Then the young Nowak's will come home before being transferred to their new station.
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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Already March

       The Nowak update: Wow can not believe it is March  2012. Christmas here and gone. Worked a lot during the holiday. So, I had the holiday blues, but the New Year has begun with great news. The younger Nowak's will be moving back to the States this year. Chris finally got excepted into school. He will be starting Maritime Enforcement "A" school April 26th. He will be in Charleston, South Carolina for 3 months.  Unfortunately, Karla will stay in Guam until school is completed. Karla is back working at the Vet. She will come home before he graduates in July with their dog Sarge. Her job will keep her busy while Chris is gone. She is a trooper and supportive. This means a trip to Charleston is coming up in July. Yea!!!
        In April, Steve and I are going on cruise with our friends the Homeyer's, Roe's and my Sis and Sam. This will be the first vacation with out any kids. I can't remember the last vacation Steve and I took without one of the kids. I see a future vacation with the grand girls. Steve and I are going to do more outdoor runs. We just did the Color Run for "4 square meals" downtown with Summerlin Peds crew. What a blast we had running. It was a 5K and every K you run through a color path. see the pics.
      The girls are growing up so fast. Casey is already looking for Pre-K for Harley to start in Aug. She is calm and sweet.  Raelyn is our dare devil. She is going to make Casey and Chris gray in the hair. She had a concussion for a week already, because she climbs on everything. She hit her head on the edge of the tile floor. She will be the first to have a broken bone in the family. She has no fear. Raelyn does not know how to sit for more than 2 mins. I update the picture on the smith girls.
  Now that the house had a make over, I think its time to make over the cabin. Steve wants some changes to the back deck and updated in the inside. Getting to old to shove the snow off the deck.  The cabin is 11 years old now.
Well until next time.......

Monday, October 3, 2011

Summer 2011

So Behind, Already Oct.

Can not believe it is Oct already. Well the Summer was here and gone. Chris came home in July for 3 weeks, then Karla came out his last week here. She stayed out here for a month with her family.  Wow, We did so much. Went to the cabin while Chris was home. Chris stated it is the first time he felt cold weather in 2 years up at the cabin. Casey and her family went also to the cabin. It was wonderful to have my children together with the grand girls. We all talked about a tattoo, but everyone chickened out excepted me. Something I always was chicken to do, but I had my whole family with me, so I did it.  While Chris and Karla were home we had Harley's 3rd birthday. What a blast. So many people came, cause Chris and Karla were home. Great memories were made.  Well Raelyn turned 1 yr on Sept. 21. She is walking now and does not stay still for anything. She is always looking for something to explore. I can not believe how fast the girls are growing. new pic are posted too. Casey got a job for a while. but of course the company is closing so she will be home again with the girls. The girls are with me if I am off. Casey is still doing school. Yea.  Karla is running her own dance business in Guam on base. So successful. Our Chris should be in Hawaii for 3 month. we are still waiting for word that he got there safe. Might have to take a trip and see him LOL. Steve is good, loves the girls over as much as I do. We enjoy taking Harley to the Cabin, soon Raelyn will be joining her. not to Harley's liking She loves to have Nana and Papa to herself. See the updated pic and will try not to be so long.
until again

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

May update

The house is done with the remodel!!  Now we can sit back and enjoy. I posted a slide show of the before and after of the pool. The girls will enjoy the pool this year.
  About the girls, they are growing to fast. Raelyn is going to be 8 mth next week. She is determine to get into everything by crawling around. Raeln says Mama now and Harley tells her to say "Harley".  Not seeing them in a few days drives us crazy.  Casey finished another semester of school. We are so proud of her. She is going to take the summer off and enjoy the girls. Chris is so good to them and supports Casey going to school while he works double when he can to help his family.
  Karla is doing wonderful in Guam. She keeps us updated on facebook and post  her pictures of her dance classes. They are so cute and they love her. She is coming home in Aug for a month. Can not wait for her to meet Raelyn and see Harley again. Chris is getting home sick again. Don't know when he will be able to come home again. We are hoping when he goes to Hawaii, he can take some time off and we can fly him home.
  Steve and I went to Calif for a wedding and had a great time with our friends Mike and Lynn. Its been a while since we had a good time out of town. We have not been back to the cabin since Jan. We are going this weekend. It was minimal damage inside the cabin, but to much snow to really see the outside damage. I know it's going to be work this summer cleaning up.
  I need to study for my CCRN, which is a critical care certification.  The test is hard to pass, but I need to do this for my next goal.
signing out for now