Sunday, December 5, 2010

Dec Blog

    Quick update, Thanksgiving is over. We went to the Jean's house and it was very relaxing and great food. Really miss having Steve cook and the kids home watching a movie. Soon we will have that again with all the grand kids.   The grand girls are getting so big.  I told Casey to enjoy, you don't realized how fast it goes. Raelyn is cooing now with smiles and Harley is definitely a type A personality.  She knows what she wants and will do everything and anything to get it.  We love watching her grow.  Harley's swimming is coming along, loves the pool. She has to be watched like a hawk. I was going to the bathroom and heard the garage door open, she was going out. Time to get locks up high. 
   Chris and Karla has their house all Christmas out. Cant wait to see it. Will be there the day after and for New Years.  We hope to hop to another island while we are there. Hope it's not by boat : (  yuk. I will blog after that trip with pic. Signing out MOM

Friday, October 22, 2010

update for Oct

 Its official, The tickets are bought. Guam here we come the day after Christmas. Can't wait to see the kids, will spend New Years Eve with them. Took pictures with the Smith family. We will get pics with the young Nowak family when we go see them. We miss them so much. So hard not having them all together. Aunt Karla is missing the girls so much. She is such a good Auntie.
Love having the grand girls, last weekend went to the Nevada west fair with the girls, the baby is so good and watching Harley at 2 get excited about the animals and rides was great. We had a great time with the Smith family.
Steve and I are just enjoying being Grandparents. Looking for a hobby, maybe rebuild an oldie car like we use to do. We'll see.
update on weight loss. Steve and I are doing great. Im at 35lb down and 10 to go, Steve is 10lb down and 10 to go. The only problem is now I have no summer clothes to take to Guam. Cant find any in store, cause it's winter. LOL

Friday, September 24, 2010

Raelyn is here!

So, Sept 21, 2010 Casey had contraction all day, but didn't think anything of it. Casey calls me at work asking what she should do. I told her she is not suppose to go into labor. Casey still didn't think she was in labor. I told her to call her Dr. and see what he says, She finally went to the hospital at 5 pm. Casey has been in labor for 3 days. Raelyn was born c-section at 8:30 pm. 6 lbs 9 oz 19 3/4 inches long. Chris and I were able to go into the OR.  This was a wonderful experience to see Raelyn born. Papa was able to stay home and take care of Harley. She was in heaven with her Papa. Momma and baby are home now. Casey is still recovering and Raelyn needs to gain some weight. Dr. said she is losing weight. All she wants to do is sleep right now She is 3 weeks early.
Everyone else is good. Chris should be on his way home now.  Should not be long now.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

End of Sept. update

Chris is still out to sea. He was able to call a couple of times, so good to know he is doing good.  He did need some medical advice. Chris had an abscess and needed an I & D (incision & drainage) and some antibiotics.  He will be fine some follow up. Chris will get checked out when he gets back to Guam. Karla and Chris got a red nose pit bull.  A Mitzi look a like but male. His name is Sarge and he is so cute. Chris will meet him soon. He picked him out by emails. Karla is doing well, she got a job at the Vet where she was taking Sarge for medical reason.  He did come from a shelter and needed rescuing. Everything always seems to work out the way it is suppose too.
Casey is due any day now. Raelyn is in position and having irregular contraction. C-section is scheduled for Oct 8. My bet she comes before Oct 1. Harley is still swimming every week and loves it. I think she is ready to be a big sister. Everyone is talking about this baby that doesn't exist yet to her.
Steve is waiting for the weather to cool so he can ride his sports bike. We have both changed our eating habit and kept the weight off.  We have decided to go to Guam for Christmas and New Years.  This will be a good time to see where the kids live. Wish we can take everyone, but the newborn will not be able to go so young.
Well that is it until the baby is born !!!!

Just got word Casey's C-section has just been moved up to Oct. 1 at 2:30 PM Dr. said she wont make it to the 8th Will keep posted

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Nothing to new~

Update: Casey was given a ice cream party for baby Raelyn. We had fun. Casey got some stuff for the baby. Raelyn is 35 weeks now. She is in position and ready to come into our world.  Nana and Papa took Harley to the mountains for the weekend. We had such a good time with Harley.  She enjoyed no parents, just her Nana and Papa. She loves to ride the ATV. She thinks the blue one is hers and the yellow one is Papa's.. She is at a good age now that we can take her places without her parents.
Missing Chris and Karla. They are so far away. Planning a trip to Guam in Dec. beginning of Jan. Would love to see there Island. Steve is enjoying the weather and riding his sports bike. Me I have been working hard on my diet and lost 28 lb now. I can run with no pain and enjoying it again. Hope to do another half marathon soon. Well until later

Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Baby's Birthday

Today is Harley's birthday! Can't believe she is 2 years old. She enjoyed her party this year. So excited about people coming over to her house and opening presents. Harley is so much like her uncle Chris. She knows what she wants and sticks with it. Her favorite toys was a play computer. We will be upgrading soon. She likes to use Moms and Nana's and skype Karla and Chris. Harley has a strong personality with so many expressions.  Nana and Papa can watch her little mind working all the time. She is ready to be a big sister. Oh this baby will be hers, I can see it coming.

Monday, August 9, 2010

The move

    Tomorrow is Chris and Karla's move. All their furniture and belongings have been in our garage and house for the last month.  It is going to be a sad day for me. The beginning for them, the end for me.  He now has his own home and it will be filled with their furniture and personal stuff.  Both of our children are now married. How do you make time stop. This means we are getting older and everyone around us too.
   Harley will be two, Aug. 15th. I  can't believe how fast she has grown.  She is defiantly Nana and Papa's girl. I think she has Papa wrapped around her finger. Steve never runs empty on M&M's for her. She is going to be a great big sister. ( I hope she shares her Nana and Papa).
   Casey is ready to deliver, but told her to wait 4 more week for a healthy baby. She is taking 3 classes this fall.  So proud of her. I know she can do it. We are here for her any help she needs. Love my family

Friday, July 30, 2010

Growing Family

    Well, Chris and Karla are now married over a month now, living in Guam. Karla is adjusting well. Chris had time to adjust, he's been there a year now. Matter of fact, he just received his one year over sea ribbon. Chris is planning to strike as a BM in Jan. He needs to study to pass a test first. He can do it. We are so proud of him for advancing in his life. We miss him so much at home, but he loves the Guam life right now and planning to be there 2 more years.
   Casey and Chris are expecting their second baby girl, Raelyn in Oct. Casey is going through the hot summer months, but surviving. This one has been a tough one. Harley is turning 2yrs old. She is the apple of every one's eye. She loves her uncle Chris and aunt Karla. She will skype on the computer to see them. For all she knows they are around the corner.  Casey is still going to school. slowly but she is going. I'm so proud of her too. She is a loving, caring person and a really good Mom. Watching her grow with her family make me so proud. My children are all growin up living there own lives.
   Steve and I are now alone at home with our dog Mitzi. We are getting use to the quietness. We really need  hobbies or something for us. Steve has a sports motorcycle he enjoys on nice days. He still needs to adventure out on his bike. Me, I need to get my certifications for nursing. I need to start studying to take the test. PCRN and CCRN. I will just got to get started.