Friday, July 30, 2010

Growing Family

    Well, Chris and Karla are now married over a month now, living in Guam. Karla is adjusting well. Chris had time to adjust, he's been there a year now. Matter of fact, he just received his one year over sea ribbon. Chris is planning to strike as a BM in Jan. He needs to study to pass a test first. He can do it. We are so proud of him for advancing in his life. We miss him so much at home, but he loves the Guam life right now and planning to be there 2 more years.
   Casey and Chris are expecting their second baby girl, Raelyn in Oct. Casey is going through the hot summer months, but surviving. This one has been a tough one. Harley is turning 2yrs old. She is the apple of every one's eye. She loves her uncle Chris and aunt Karla. She will skype on the computer to see them. For all she knows they are around the corner.  Casey is still going to school. slowly but she is going. I'm so proud of her too. She is a loving, caring person and a really good Mom. Watching her grow with her family make me so proud. My children are all growin up living there own lives.
   Steve and I are now alone at home with our dog Mitzi. We are getting use to the quietness. We really need  hobbies or something for us. Steve has a sports motorcycle he enjoys on nice days. He still needs to adventure out on his bike. Me, I need to get my certifications for nursing. I need to start studying to take the test. PCRN and CCRN. I will just got to get started.

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