Thursday, September 16, 2010

End of Sept. update

Chris is still out to sea. He was able to call a couple of times, so good to know he is doing good.  He did need some medical advice. Chris had an abscess and needed an I & D (incision & drainage) and some antibiotics.  He will be fine some follow up. Chris will get checked out when he gets back to Guam. Karla and Chris got a red nose pit bull.  A Mitzi look a like but male. His name is Sarge and he is so cute. Chris will meet him soon. He picked him out by emails. Karla is doing well, she got a job at the Vet where she was taking Sarge for medical reason.  He did come from a shelter and needed rescuing. Everything always seems to work out the way it is suppose too.
Casey is due any day now. Raelyn is in position and having irregular contraction. C-section is scheduled for Oct 8. My bet she comes before Oct 1. Harley is still swimming every week and loves it. I think she is ready to be a big sister. Everyone is talking about this baby that doesn't exist yet to her.
Steve is waiting for the weather to cool so he can ride his sports bike. We have both changed our eating habit and kept the weight off.  We have decided to go to Guam for Christmas and New Years.  This will be a good time to see where the kids live. Wish we can take everyone, but the newborn will not be able to go so young.
Well that is it until the baby is born !!!!

Just got word Casey's C-section has just been moved up to Oct. 1 at 2:30 PM Dr. said she wont make it to the 8th Will keep posted

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  1. I can't believe you put a picture of Sarge up. :) He is more brindle than Mitzi. I hate the picture you have up of Me and Chris. I look horrible in that picture! You just need a picture of Raelyn now! :)