Sunday, December 5, 2010

Dec Blog

    Quick update, Thanksgiving is over. We went to the Jean's house and it was very relaxing and great food. Really miss having Steve cook and the kids home watching a movie. Soon we will have that again with all the grand kids.   The grand girls are getting so big.  I told Casey to enjoy, you don't realized how fast it goes. Raelyn is cooing now with smiles and Harley is definitely a type A personality.  She knows what she wants and will do everything and anything to get it.  We love watching her grow.  Harley's swimming is coming along, loves the pool. She has to be watched like a hawk. I was going to the bathroom and heard the garage door open, she was going out. Time to get locks up high. 
   Chris and Karla has their house all Christmas out. Cant wait to see it. Will be there the day after and for New Years.  We hope to hop to another island while we are there. Hope it's not by boat : (  yuk. I will blog after that trip with pic. Signing out MOM

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  1. Ooooo You look hot in that picture! Can't wait for you guys to get here!