Monday, October 3, 2011

Summer 2011

So Behind, Already Oct.

Can not believe it is Oct already. Well the Summer was here and gone. Chris came home in July for 3 weeks, then Karla came out his last week here. She stayed out here for a month with her family.  Wow, We did so much. Went to the cabin while Chris was home. Chris stated it is the first time he felt cold weather in 2 years up at the cabin. Casey and her family went also to the cabin. It was wonderful to have my children together with the grand girls. We all talked about a tattoo, but everyone chickened out excepted me. Something I always was chicken to do, but I had my whole family with me, so I did it.  While Chris and Karla were home we had Harley's 3rd birthday. What a blast. So many people came, cause Chris and Karla were home. Great memories were made.  Well Raelyn turned 1 yr on Sept. 21. She is walking now and does not stay still for anything. She is always looking for something to explore. I can not believe how fast the girls are growing. new pic are posted too. Casey got a job for a while. but of course the company is closing so she will be home again with the girls. The girls are with me if I am off. Casey is still doing school. Yea.  Karla is running her own dance business in Guam on base. So successful. Our Chris should be in Hawaii for 3 month. we are still waiting for word that he got there safe. Might have to take a trip and see him LOL. Steve is good, loves the girls over as much as I do. We enjoy taking Harley to the Cabin, soon Raelyn will be joining her. not to Harley's liking She loves to have Nana and Papa to herself. See the updated pic and will try not to be so long.
until again

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

May update

The house is done with the remodel!!  Now we can sit back and enjoy. I posted a slide show of the before and after of the pool. The girls will enjoy the pool this year.
  About the girls, they are growing to fast. Raelyn is going to be 8 mth next week. She is determine to get into everything by crawling around. Raeln says Mama now and Harley tells her to say "Harley".  Not seeing them in a few days drives us crazy.  Casey finished another semester of school. We are so proud of her. She is going to take the summer off and enjoy the girls. Chris is so good to them and supports Casey going to school while he works double when he can to help his family.
  Karla is doing wonderful in Guam. She keeps us updated on facebook and post  her pictures of her dance classes. They are so cute and they love her. She is coming home in Aug for a month. Can not wait for her to meet Raelyn and see Harley again. Chris is getting home sick again. Don't know when he will be able to come home again. We are hoping when he goes to Hawaii, he can take some time off and we can fly him home.
  Steve and I went to Calif for a wedding and had a great time with our friends Mike and Lynn. Its been a while since we had a good time out of town. We have not been back to the cabin since Jan. We are going this weekend. It was minimal damage inside the cabin, but to much snow to really see the outside damage. I know it's going to be work this summer cleaning up.
  I need to study for my CCRN, which is a critical care certification.  The test is hard to pass, but I need to do this for my next goal.
signing out for now

Monday, March 21, 2011

March update

Prayer for the people in Japan. Chris and Karla are fine in Guam, no effects from the earthquake or tsunami. Sarge their dog was ready with his life jacket. Chris recovered well and back to work full board. Karla's dance classes with the kids is going well.
Casey still in school and doing great. The smith girls are growing up so fast. Casey and Chris are taking Harley to Disneyland for her first time. Harley is so excited, she wants Nana to buy her a princess dress for the occasion. Baby Raelyn is 6 months today. She is such a happy baby and a joy to be around.
Steve and I are redoing the flooring in the house. some upgrade redecorating too. Should be done with in two weeks. Then the pool will get an upgrade too.
until next time.
Signing out

Friday, February 18, 2011

Late update

  Can't believe it's going to be March.  Chris and Karla are doing great. Chris had minor surgery on his back, but recovery well. Should start light duty next week.  Karla is starting her dance classes in Guam as she dreamed to do when she knew she was moving to Guam.  We are so proud of those two. We miss them so much, thanks to skype we talk to them often.
   Chris and Casey are awesome. Raising two girls is a tough job. Chris works to support the family and Casey going to school and able to stay home to raise the girls. Casey's major changed to Occupational Therapy. The medical field is the way to go.
    The cabin took a little damage this winter. The power was off for a month so frozen damage and a bad winter storm broke a lot of trees on the whole mountain.  We have trees missing that we knew where there and not anymore. The snow is 10 ft tall in front of the cabin. I'm sure the trees are under there somewhere.  There is going to be a lot of work this summer.  No plans for a next trip yet.  Plans to redo the flooring in the house and re plaster the pool with new tile. The 80's is calling the pool tile.
Still trying to find a new hobby. I love my computer, so I'm starting digital scrapbook. It's awesome.
signing out until next time

Monday, January 10, 2011

Jan. 2011

   Wow, were did the time go. A trip to Guam was totally awesome! The young Nowak's are doing great. The house is cute, the weather is unbelievable, and the food on the island is great.  We did so much with the kids like snorkeling, beach day, shopping, and jet skiing was the best.  A Boonie stomp was a must  do on the island, this is a five hour hike through the thick grass and jungle to find a waterfall. I think the scariest thing we have done on a trip. I think we wore out the kids. It will be a while until we see them again, so we made it a great trip. Chris and Karla were off the entire time we were there (2 weeks). We met our grand dog Sarge, who is just like our dog Mitzi. Can't say enough what a great time we had with the kids. Thanks Karla and Chris for having us!!!!
   Then our kids here! Missed them a lot when we were gone. Casey will continue school this semester. Changing her major to Physical Therapy or Occupational Therapy. She is working hard to finish school. The girls are my joy. how much I missed them in 2 weeks. Harley moved up in swimming, she no longer swims with parents in the pool. Raelyn is now cooing and smiles a lot. The Smith's are looking to get a new car this year, Yea!!!
  Steve and I are back to work and hopefully start on home improvement. The cabin is been left alone and a bad snow storm has hit the mountain and the power has been off for 3 weeks. We heard trees are down all over the mountain and a couple on the cabin. We have not been up to assess the damage. pray its not to bad. Will keep you posted as soon as we find out. I'm pretty sure the spa is broken and frozen.

Signing out for now