Monday, January 10, 2011

Jan. 2011

   Wow, were did the time go. A trip to Guam was totally awesome! The young Nowak's are doing great. The house is cute, the weather is unbelievable, and the food on the island is great.  We did so much with the kids like snorkeling, beach day, shopping, and jet skiing was the best.  A Boonie stomp was a must  do on the island, this is a five hour hike through the thick grass and jungle to find a waterfall. I think the scariest thing we have done on a trip. I think we wore out the kids. It will be a while until we see them again, so we made it a great trip. Chris and Karla were off the entire time we were there (2 weeks). We met our grand dog Sarge, who is just like our dog Mitzi. Can't say enough what a great time we had with the kids. Thanks Karla and Chris for having us!!!!
   Then our kids here! Missed them a lot when we were gone. Casey will continue school this semester. Changing her major to Physical Therapy or Occupational Therapy. She is working hard to finish school. The girls are my joy. how much I missed them in 2 weeks. Harley moved up in swimming, she no longer swims with parents in the pool. Raelyn is now cooing and smiles a lot. The Smith's are looking to get a new car this year, Yea!!!
  Steve and I are back to work and hopefully start on home improvement. The cabin is been left alone and a bad snow storm has hit the mountain and the power has been off for 3 weeks. We heard trees are down all over the mountain and a couple on the cabin. We have not been up to assess the damage. pray its not to bad. Will keep you posted as soon as we find out. I'm pretty sure the spa is broken and frozen.

Signing out for now