Friday, February 18, 2011

Late update

  Can't believe it's going to be March.  Chris and Karla are doing great. Chris had minor surgery on his back, but recovery well. Should start light duty next week.  Karla is starting her dance classes in Guam as she dreamed to do when she knew she was moving to Guam.  We are so proud of those two. We miss them so much, thanks to skype we talk to them often.
   Chris and Casey are awesome. Raising two girls is a tough job. Chris works to support the family and Casey going to school and able to stay home to raise the girls. Casey's major changed to Occupational Therapy. The medical field is the way to go.
    The cabin took a little damage this winter. The power was off for a month so frozen damage and a bad winter storm broke a lot of trees on the whole mountain.  We have trees missing that we knew where there and not anymore. The snow is 10 ft tall in front of the cabin. I'm sure the trees are under there somewhere.  There is going to be a lot of work this summer.  No plans for a next trip yet.  Plans to redo the flooring in the house and re plaster the pool with new tile. The 80's is calling the pool tile.
Still trying to find a new hobby. I love my computer, so I'm starting digital scrapbook. It's awesome.
signing out until next time

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