Wednesday, May 18, 2011

May update

The house is done with the remodel!!  Now we can sit back and enjoy. I posted a slide show of the before and after of the pool. The girls will enjoy the pool this year.
  About the girls, they are growing to fast. Raelyn is going to be 8 mth next week. She is determine to get into everything by crawling around. Raeln says Mama now and Harley tells her to say "Harley".  Not seeing them in a few days drives us crazy.  Casey finished another semester of school. We are so proud of her. She is going to take the summer off and enjoy the girls. Chris is so good to them and supports Casey going to school while he works double when he can to help his family.
  Karla is doing wonderful in Guam. She keeps us updated on facebook and post  her pictures of her dance classes. They are so cute and they love her. She is coming home in Aug for a month. Can not wait for her to meet Raelyn and see Harley again. Chris is getting home sick again. Don't know when he will be able to come home again. We are hoping when he goes to Hawaii, he can take some time off and we can fly him home.
  Steve and I went to Calif for a wedding and had a great time with our friends Mike and Lynn. Its been a while since we had a good time out of town. We have not been back to the cabin since Jan. We are going this weekend. It was minimal damage inside the cabin, but to much snow to really see the outside damage. I know it's going to be work this summer cleaning up.
  I need to study for my CCRN, which is a critical care certification.  The test is hard to pass, but I need to do this for my next goal.
signing out for now