Monday, October 3, 2011

So Behind, Already Oct.

Can not believe it is Oct already. Well the Summer was here and gone. Chris came home in July for 3 weeks, then Karla came out his last week here. She stayed out here for a month with her family.  Wow, We did so much. Went to the cabin while Chris was home. Chris stated it is the first time he felt cold weather in 2 years up at the cabin. Casey and her family went also to the cabin. It was wonderful to have my children together with the grand girls. We all talked about a tattoo, but everyone chickened out excepted me. Something I always was chicken to do, but I had my whole family with me, so I did it.  While Chris and Karla were home we had Harley's 3rd birthday. What a blast. So many people came, cause Chris and Karla were home. Great memories were made.  Well Raelyn turned 1 yr on Sept. 21. She is walking now and does not stay still for anything. She is always looking for something to explore. I can not believe how fast the girls are growing. new pic are posted too. Casey got a job for a while. but of course the company is closing so she will be home again with the girls. The girls are with me if I am off. Casey is still doing school. Yea.  Karla is running her own dance business in Guam on base. So successful. Our Chris should be in Hawaii for 3 month. we are still waiting for word that he got there safe. Might have to take a trip and see him LOL. Steve is good, loves the girls over as much as I do. We enjoy taking Harley to the Cabin, soon Raelyn will be joining her. not to Harley's liking She loves to have Nana and Papa to herself. See the updated pic and will try not to be so long.
until again

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