Thursday, March 1, 2012

Already March

       The Nowak update: Wow can not believe it is March  2012. Christmas here and gone. Worked a lot during the holiday. So, I had the holiday blues, but the New Year has begun with great news. The younger Nowak's will be moving back to the States this year. Chris finally got excepted into school. He will be starting Maritime Enforcement "A" school April 26th. He will be in Charleston, South Carolina for 3 months.  Unfortunately, Karla will stay in Guam until school is completed. Karla is back working at the Vet. She will come home before he graduates in July with their dog Sarge. Her job will keep her busy while Chris is gone. She is a trooper and supportive. This means a trip to Charleston is coming up in July. Yea!!!
        In April, Steve and I are going on cruise with our friends the Homeyer's, Roe's and my Sis and Sam. This will be the first vacation with out any kids. I can't remember the last vacation Steve and I took without one of the kids. I see a future vacation with the grand girls. Steve and I are going to do more outdoor runs. We just did the Color Run for "4 square meals" downtown with Summerlin Peds crew. What a blast we had running. It was a 5K and every K you run through a color path. see the pics.
      The girls are growing up so fast. Casey is already looking for Pre-K for Harley to start in Aug. She is calm and sweet.  Raelyn is our dare devil. She is going to make Casey and Chris gray in the hair. She had a concussion for a week already, because she climbs on everything. She hit her head on the edge of the tile floor. She will be the first to have a broken bone in the family. She has no fear. Raelyn does not know how to sit for more than 2 mins. I update the picture on the smith girls.
  Now that the house had a make over, I think its time to make over the cabin. Steve wants some changes to the back deck and updated in the inside. Getting to old to shove the snow off the deck.  The cabin is 11 years old now.
Well until next time.......

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