Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Jan. 2014
We have done so much since the last post. Jan. was an awesome trip to Jacksonville with the whole family. The Smith Family, the Jean family, the little Nowak's, Elaine & Sam, and Deb & Nick. We had a blast in Jacksonville then board a Carnival Cruise to the Bahamas and Key West. Harley and Raelyn were such good travelers. We swam with the dolphins, we went to the alligator farm in St. Augustine. Harley is in Kindergarten at Quest Academy and doing well. Raelyn was still learning at home.
Karla and Chris doing great in Jacksonville. Chris is boarding ships and keeping US safe. Karla going to school for Vet Tec and doing awesome.
April 2014
Elaine turn's 50! So we planed a sister's trip to New York. Rhonda moved to Springfield, MO last Sept. so it was hard for her to get away. So it was Elaine and I and cousin Eva. We had so much fun. My first travel alone and it had to be NY. I did pretty darn good. Wish we had more time, there is so much to do. I saw everything I wanted but I would have like to spend more time where we went.
May 2014
The Smith family was looking for house the beginning of the month. by the end of the month they found their house. Casey loves her house and its on a Cul de sac. The girls already made neighbor hood friends. Casey the decorator made her house a home in no time. The Nowak's were looking for a new car and to retire the truck. Chris ordered a Mini Cooper and was going to receive it in July.
July 2014
Brandon Roe is getting Married!! A trip to Boston with our friends the Homeyer's and the Roe's.
We had extra time to tour Boston before and after the wedding. What a beautiful place and so much history. We then flew to Jacksonville to visit the little Nowak's. Chris just received his Mini Cooper two days before. Road trip to Coco Beach, Cape Canaveral, and Orlando. We  went to the beach and the water was so warm. We went to the space center, where their was so much history their too. Sea world in Orlando.
By now Harley finished kindergarten and started her summer vacation, she just turned 6 years old. Steve just had surgery. Hernia repair and recovering slowly. Took a month off of work but traveled. Karla has finished school and got her certificate. Casey is settled in her new home. Chris has is new baby mini coop, his dad helped him customized it a little more.
Labor day weekend at the beach. A trip to Manhattan Beach, CA with our besties the Homeyer's and the Roe's. We laughed and drank a lot. We went to the LA county fair. Hermosa beach street fair and just did one day at the beach We all actually got in and played in the waves. Harley started first grade and has lost 3 teeth over the summer. She is growing up. Raelyn is starting pre-school and turning 4 this month.